Friday, February 09, 2007


The Wilson Scott Five

So we have been home a week and all is well. No one has left, no one has run away, no one has 
 given up. We are all doing our part to adjust to all the newness. It is taking some longer than others, but we are all patient.

Soon after we arrived home my parents went back to their home, they had frozen pipes so needed to get home to see about them. Paul's parents came as well, brought Sujina a beautiful blanket, one that only Linda can make, and on Sunday they were gone too. Paul was not to be at work until Monday am, but around 10am work called and Paul was
needed at 1pm. This meant that I was going to be "on" before I was mentally ready. So Paul went off and we went for a walk.

Beck has been having a hard time learning to share with his sister; sharing time with mom, sharing toys, books, lap time, and hugs and kisses. He tells Sujina that I am his mom, "not jina's mom".  I think it has mostly to do with the fact that he is two, not that he doesn't like his new 

Rowe has taken his sister in and loves her very much, he talks to her in the car, keeps Beck from
hitting her, reads to her and helps with her bottle.  She had taken to him as well, she loves to crawl all over him and given him "kisses".  She is curious about Beck and wants to engage him but so far he will have none of it. He has little moments when he wants to be nice, but for now they are moments only.

I remember all to well Rowe being the same way with Beck. It is hard to share mom!

I am slowly adjusting to having three kids; three kids to feed, cloth, love, read to, play with, comfort etc..... the list goes on. I am lucky that Rowe is big enough to dress him self, get himself juice and the newest item on his "big boy" list, is being able to click himself in his carseat! He is now in the back and so has taught himself to buckle all the way in. Very proud of himself too!

After Paul went to work on Sunday the kids and I decided to walk down to the lake. It was a little chilly out but was sunny and we needed to get out of the house. The boys walked and I wore Sujina in the bjorn.  As usual getting to the lake was easy and fun until Beck dedided to walk through a deep water puddle. Feet soaked we kept going. We got down to the lake and it was frozen. The boys thought that was really interesting, so we had to throw lots of rocks to watch the ice crack.

We stayed a bit to long and Beck was not happy with his shoes, Sujina was getting a little cold and Rowe wanted to feed the ducks more. So we started walking back and when we got to the big hill Beck did not want to walk. He actually ran back down the hill a little and then stopped and started crying. Sujina was crying a little at this point, but on and off. Rowe was just watching what was happening.

We finally get to the top of the hill, my back is killing me but my son didn't want to walk any longer and refuses to go anymore. Sujina was full on crying at this point and Rowe was saying "Mom I think she is cold." And she was. Did I remember her bottle? No.... I just wanted us to get out of the house for a while.

By the time we all got back home, I was carring two children both crying and trying to keep Rowe together with us. We went inside and and tried to get everyone warm. Of course everyone wanted me to hold them, comfort them and make them more comfortable. Being the mom that I am, I wanted to do this for all of them. I wanted to make them all happy and relaxed. I didn't realize at the time that I was super stressed out  and they were feeding off of me.

I was worried about Sujina feeling comfortable with us, worried that Beck was going to feel left out and unloved, worried that Rowe would just be mad that he had a new sister.

With everyone crying or on the verge I just sat down and started crying too. I guess I really needed to just let go. There was so much stress in Nepal and around coming home that I really needed to just let it out.

I think I freaked out Rowe and Beck a little, but after we all cried and settled down it seemed that we were all much more at ease. Paul did not come home until around 8pm and by that time we were all good.

Since then I have felt very confident about having three kids and being able to deal with them. I think I was more worried about making everyone happy and once I let that go and came to terms with not being able to, and that it was okay, my stress level went way down.

I am not saying that I have it all undercontrol now, we still have our time issues, our sharing
issues and our taking turns issues but I am mentally better prepared to deal with them now.

As each day goes by our sleeping patterns are getting back to "normal" or at least on Central
time. Sujina is sleeping through most of the night and not waking until 7am! Or if she does wake, she just wants a bottle and then back to sleep! The boys play together very well now, so I know with more time they will all play well together.

This has been a wonderful experience, and one that I would not trade for the world. Sujina is a
true blessing and we are so thankful that she is here with us.

Here is a photo of our "New Family". Now we are complete.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Waiting for Papa and Grama Jo

What is all of that white stuff???

Wednesday Finally.....

We woke up Wednesday and it felt like Christmas morning. I was so giddy, I was wide awake and ready to go! Sujina and Paul were till asleep and I was up, had a shower, checked email and was ready to go eat my last breakfast in the Annapurna Hotel.

Once Paul woke he too was ready. We bounded down to the breakfast room and met our usual breakfast crew. I was sad to learn that our French friend Emmanuela had switched to a new hotel closer to the French Embassy. I was not going to be able to say good bye to her and wish her well.

The people that worked in the mornings in the dinning room were all sad that we were leaving. They hugged the kids until they couldn't any longer, they brought us juice, coffee, tea anthing and everything we wanted and more until we were stuffed. The were so genuine. I was torn because I was sad to leave. This part of the journey was almost over. We had worked so hard to be here at this moment and here it was. This moment had seemed so far away for so long, but it also meant that the new journey was about to begin. The actual journey of flying 17hours home with an infant! YIKES........

We went back to our rooms packed the last of our things and sat down for a moment. It was 9:30 and we werent' leaving until 11am. Sujina and I played around the room for a while, then I told Paul to go change money and get all of that out of the way. We then started moving all of the bags down to the lobby. We had to say goodbye to everyone along the way, from the ladies that clean the room, to the room service men, to the ladies at the front desk who were extremely helpful to the resturant staff. Everyone knew us, and by us I mean the three families. We had been there for 15 days, needing help from each one of these people at some point during our stay. They were all happy and sad to see these babies leave.

Mr. Tamata, Children's Home director, came to bring us some papers and say good bye. We all thanked him for running such a wonderful home and taking great care of our little girls. We promised him to do the same in America. We all signed an agreement at the beginning of the adopting process that said we would send updates on the girls every six months. We talked about how he wanted this to look. "Short and sweet" he said. :)

Then the driver came and we all pilled in, luggage everywhere, babies everywhere and thoughts and memories everywhere.

Getting to the airport, getting our tickets and going through security was all very simple. We then had about 2 hours to wait for our plane. Still the same grungy, dirty, filthy airport we were in two days earlier. Hard to keep a toddler happy and off the floor at the same time. Lots of crackers and walking around. We decided to go in to the waiting room for our plane and Radha and David were there. So we were all waiting together. We were all processing our last day in different ways. I think there was some fear of going home and some trepidation. I know that I had not let myself think that far in advance until this moment. Coming home and having three kids, wow!

Our plane came and we all got on. Sujina was very curious about the plane and what it was all about. We were lucky and got bulkhead seats. This flight was only three hours to Bangkok. The next flight was the doosy! Sujina was able to move around a little, and I could put my leg up on the wall to help prop her up to stand and play. It was a short flight and quite uneventful.

We landed in Bangkok and had only a few minutes layover, then we were on the plane to LAX! I was so thrilled, I was a little silly. The first flight they gave us baby food for Sujina. I could not believe it and it was yummy food too. So when we got on the next flight she was pretty full and ready to go to sleep. We boarded around 6:30pm. We changed into our jammies and we were ready.

Our seats were the last row by the window and bathroom. A very nice attendent asked us if we wanted to her to find three seats so Sujina could lay down between us. We said yes please! The lady seated in front of us in the back of the plane was already not being very nice, and we could tell it would have been a long flight if we had stayed there.

So we moved up about 6-7 rows and had three seats together. Very wonderful. Sujina went to sleep about and hour after we took off and slept for about 10 hours! I could not believe it! I slept for about 3! I watched the entire first season of Grey's Anatomy. I tried to sleep but my butt kept falling asleep and hurting. The food was great and they brought us more baby food. Elizabeth and Diptee came to visit us for a while. They were in Bulkhead up in Business class, so Diptee got a bassinet that attached to the wall. I never knew they had them!

We arrived in LA and went through customs. Not one problem. They looked at our papers, stamped our passports and sent us on our way! After we all collected our luggage we said our last goodbyes. The others, Elizabeth, Clay, Radha and David were all going to get a hotel room, because they had flight the next morning. We did too but we didn't want to spend money on a hotel room at this point.
We headed over to the Contentinal Airlines office, checked in and asked if there was an earlier flight. We got on one leaving at 11:30pm and arriving at Houston around 5am. We were on standby to get to Tulsa earlier. After we got that all finalized and up through security and to our gate we called my mom. Expecting to hear squeals of excitment that we were going to get there earlier than expected, we were told that it was snowing and they were not going to be able to drive to Tulsa. They bought us tickets on American to fly direct to XNA the next morning at 8am!!!!!

WHAT????????What? what do you mean a different flight, that there is snow?

So after much deliberation we went back down to the ticket counter explained our selves, got out luggage back and went over to the American terminal. We did the same at AA, asked for an earlier flight and got it! We decided not to call until we got to Dallas becasue we were not sure if we were going to be able to actually get to XNA with the snow. We went and ate, played on the floor. Tried to use the internet, but the wireless at LAX was not working. It was a good three hours waiting for our plane. When we got to on Sujina was wired. She was not fussy nor did she cry but she did not sleep! So neither did we.

I was purly amazed at how not fussy she was. Such a great little traveler. We got to Dallas with just enough time to run to our next plane and hop on. We called mom from the plane and she was surprised and said they woudl see if they could get to the airport.

When we laned at XNA, yes there was snow everywhere. They road all looked very snow packed and icy. I was surprised that the planes were flying. Mom and Dad were on their way, but they left the boys at home. Rowe was still asleep even. It was 7:30 when we called. So my vision of the boys running into our arms at the airport was smashed, but that was okay. All of our luggage came, only one zipper was busted, but other wise we had it all.

It was so great to see my mom and dad! Such a sigh of relief. Knowing that we were home, knowing that we had Sujina, knowing that if the boys got sick again we would be there, it all came flooding over me.

We put Sujina in her carseat for the first time, she didn't think to highly of it. I gave her her bottle and she went to sleep! When we got to our house, Paul jumped out of the car and ran inside. I got Sujina out and we walked in, the boys were still in shock to see Paul. I was afraid that they were going to be mad they didn't get to go to the airport, but they were not. They were just happy we were home with them again! Sujina was in shock as well but for different reasons. I really felt bad for her, not knowing where she was or who these people were.

I was trying to hold her and hug my boys at the same time and she was not liking that at all. She did not want to go to Papa or Grama Jo. I could not hug my boys enough, it felt so good, I just wanted to never let the go. I think they thought the same.

We had breafast and played around for a while. Sujina would crawl around and look and then sit and cry. She is getting better and better. By the end of the day after several long naps she was going to Grama Jo and would let Papa touch her. She liked Rowe and Rowe like her, Beck would take some time, is still taking some time.

Sujina is doing the best anyone could ask of her. What a trooper this little ten month old is already.

Splashing in the bath....

Sujina and Budda

Pizza at the Roadhouse

last playgroup with Diptee

Finally coming home.....

As I sit here in my own room typing at m desk, I ask myself " Was it all a dream?" Did all of this
crazy, wonderful, fun, stressful, sureal journey truly happen?

So Tuesday was a really fun day, and it needed to be after the full on stress of Monday. Paul and I were very disappointed that we were not able to come home early, and frustrated that we had to buy new tickets, but bottom line is that was really the only large bump in this crazy road.
The agency we worked with, Faith International, did a fantastic job in getting all the paperwork we needed for the individual govt agencies prepared and checked over time and time again. There were not lost papers, not forgotten or over looked papers that could have caused confusion or delay. There were not misappointments on either the Nepali or American side. So for us to let the Chinese Visa issue cause us to end on a bad note was silly.

We went into Thamel with Elizabeth and Clay and we met some new Nepali friends Paru and Narayan. Wonderful people. They spend their afternoon with us helping us purchase last minute gifts for friends, family and ourselves. Amazingly kind people the Nepalies are!

We went out for pizza after much shopping. Roadhouse Pizza - for where we were is was awesome pizza. Much needed time to sit and drink a beer, eat some pizza, talk with some new friends and watch our beautiful new children.

Paru had gone to Children's Home to look in on the girls for a few months so she felt very close to them and it was hard for her to say goodbye.
Narayan helped me find the playing board game that we saw some boys playing that I thought was Parchezzi. The Nepalis call it LUDO! He went and bought me the board and the pieces. It is great.

Paul and I also bought a beautiful Budda statue. Sujina loved walking around it and talking to it when we got it back to the room.

We came home, happy, full and energized for the dooming task of packing! But since I am the mater packer Paul was not to worried. He gave Sujina her last bath in Nepal and I packed. It was a very relaxing end to a stressfree day.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Last Day - Hopefully!

It is Tuesday and we got started by checking e-mails and finalizing our travels. 
We had Bfast(came with our room) in the dining area and talked about our plans 
for today.  These meals have been great, we are warmly welcomed by the staff
and we know that the food is safe and healthy.  

We plan to rest up and do a little more shopping in Thamel.  I am still worn out
a little from yesterday.  It was extremely stressful and frustrating.  The issue 
with the visa was a small oversite that caused a lot of disappointment on our 
part.  We were very excited to get home early and see our boys and hear all about
their adventures while we were gone.  To have that taken away by a technicality was
upsetting.  But the good news is that we took care of it and will still get back on the
original day.  Also the big picture is that we have Sujina and have her US Visa in hand.
The rest will just be a good story later down the road.

It seems like we have been here a month.  I guess being away from family slows down
time.  All of these delays and sacrifices are well worth bringing Sujina home and I am
excited to get home and share her love with the rest of our valued family.   Paul

Visa who needs a visa......

 After having breakfast, and not eating much we decided to restart our day. We had many things to go before coming back to pack for leaving on Tuesday.

Our first stop was the Thai air office to get our new tickets, we were give a piece of paper and told to go to the Cathay Pacific Office because the second part of the trip was on Cathay through Hong Kong.

So we walk there and stood in line. The nice lady told us that she would gladly change our tickets but we would need a chinese transit visa for Sujina. WHAT????? This is the first we had heard of this from anyone. So we say can we
it in one day? Knowing that the answer would be NO, and sure enought it was a laugh and a NO!

We were to pick up Sujina travel documents from the US Embassy at 3 and we could not do anything, travel wise, until then, so we decided to go see Hira and Shree and pay them for our hotel in Dhulikhel. They were very happy to see us, but were worried about our perdicument.

We then went on our way, we had to pick up our laundry, purchase something for the boys and my mom. We were feeling pressed for time becasue if we had to go to the Chinese Embassy before we could buy the ticket for Sujina and everyhing closed at 5 we had little time.

So Paul went to pick up Sujinas travel doc. and he spoke to the Embassy about the transit visa, of course they didn't know and were pretty much "Good luck with that!"

So we decided to go get the ticket from Thai air and then to the Chinese Embassy. The Thai lady said we needed to go to the travel agent just down the street and pick up both tickets from Thai and Cathay Pacific. Paul and I thought well if they are going to issue them both them maybe the lady at CP was wrong. We got to the travel agent and handed them Sujina's travel Document. They started the process and then came out and said, you will need a Chinese transit visa for her. We said but we will not leave the airport, we are just changing planes. He said I am sorry but I can not issue you her ticket with out it.

UGH.............. so we say okay is the Chinese Embassy open now? He said yes and it is close. So we are irrationally thinking that we can march down to the Chinese Embassy and aske them to give us a visa for our daughter in less than 24 hours! ( take me to Gate 3 please!!) Why we thought that was a great idea, would they just take a look at us and say oh yes 
you are a sweet couple and isn't she precious, we will curb our policy for you!

HELL NO!!!! They would not even let us in the gate! Visa application hours are MWF from 8-11am and then you can pick them up at 4-5pm. Well we had missed it for Monday and even if we came on Wed we would miss our flight picking the visa up! We were totally screwed! Paul was more than a little mad. Take a lot to make him mad but he was boiling over. I told him to go back to the room, I would go to the travel agent and I would get back with him. Sujina was asleep on his shoulder again. Poor thing.

So I walked back in the travel agency, they said " did you get the visa?" Knowing full well that I could not get it. I said no and almost started to cry, but I didn't. We talked about what to do. The nice man looked at my ticket and said we could get a refund from the old tickets and he could sell us new tickets going straight from KTM to LA via Bangkok. So I jumped at the chance, earlier the Thai lady was telling people that all the flight out of KTM to Bangkok were full for a few weeks.

So I bought us all new tickets, we leave on Wed. The catch was that he could only get us to LA! After speaking to Eric and emailing our travel agent in the USA I bought us tickets for LA to Tulsa for $77 each. They were $360 each from LA to XNA!

So that is where we stand now. I feel good because we are going to be able to go home on Wed. but I am really bummed that there was a misunderstanding with visa's and we are having to pay for it.

It will be laughable after a while but right now it stings a little.

Passing the time.....Mt flight anyone

So on Sunday we are back in Kathmandu but I dont feel hot and so we just lay low. Dont go out
much, ate room service at night. 

We did how ever get an email from our travel agent in the US saying that they had confirmed 
tickets for us to come home on Tuesday instead of Wed. We were so happy, but knew we had to 
get our act together for Monday because we had some things left to buy and people we wanted to
see etc... We also wanted to take a Mt. flight. This flight takes you right up to Mt. Everest and along
the whole range of the Himalaya's. What could be better than that???

So we had Shree call and book us the flight. We would get up early the next morning, at 5am, and 
be at the airport about 6, it was so foggy that the taxi driver, whom I am sure had been to the airport many, many times, got confused and what not sure where to turn.

Needless to say the flight was delayed because of weather, we were supposed to take off at 7am but they delayed until 8:15, then it was 9:15 and then 9:30. When we decided to leave they were saying they would take off around 10am, but this time Sujina was going crazy because she could not get down and play or crawl around.

When they delayed the plane until 9:15 we decided to go up to the airport coffeeshop and get some tea and maybe something simple to eat eggs etc.... We ordered some hotchocolate and two
omelets with cheese. When we got our hot chocolate before I took one drink there was a small cockroach floating on the top. Now I have seem a lot of bugs in my food from Africa, but after being sick so bad just two nights ago I could not eat or drink anything.  The omelets came and Paul started eating his, he soon stopped and said that the cheese was terrible.

We went back down to the waiting room and then Paul had to go to the bathroom and vomit!

Not the best way to start your morning! That was when we decided to cut our loses, turn in our ticket for a full refund and go have breakfast at the hotel.  We should have seen that this was the way things were going to go the whole day!

See any mountains.... look closely


Ping pong boys....


veggie stand


Boy in the street....


Dhulikhel Lodge


Lodge looking up....


Is it Dhulikhel or Dhulikill?????

After we went to our room and unpacked a bit, we decided to walk around the village. It was a
traditional Newri village, small streets, beautiful wooden carved doors and windows and animals 

Of course we were the talk of the village, not only being whities, but having a Nepali baby makes 
heads turn twice as fast. I think the word spread throught the town because I swear I saw the 
same ladies over and over again staring. 

We walked all over the village, we talk to some villagers, took some photos, bought some Sari's 
and watched the village men play their games, cards! They would  not let me take their photo though. I did happen to get these two guys playing ping pong on a small shrine, pretty impressive.

As we were leaving the village we noticed men across the road selling fruit and roasted peanuts. We sauntered over and proceeded to a bag of nuts and some oranges. Thinking the peanuts had a shell and were roasted they would be fine. The oranges were very tasty as well.

We walked home and Sujina fell asleep on dad's shoulder. No milk it was a first!!! We are excited.

Back at the room Paul and I sat our on our little veranda and enjoyed the view, the sounds of Nepal and just being together. We could see the highway across the valley and you could hear the bus horns like they were right behind you.

We ate the nuts and a few oranges. Sujina woke up, we played for a while, put more layers on because it was getting chilly and went up for dinner. The resturant had a nice large fireplace in teh middle. Sorta like a ski lodge, it was round so people could sit around it. We asked if we could sit around it when they lite the fire, but the waiter said the the fireplace was reserved. I had never hear of anything more funny. So we went and sat across the resturant and had a nice dinner. Of course the waiters all wanted to pick up and hold Sujina while we ate. She didn't seem to mind and we were able to eat a little.
We had them make a child portion of Dal Bhat and she loved it. That night she slept very well, an didnt drink very much milk. I had fried rice and Paul had chicken with veggies. He loved his and my was not bad.

Back in our room we had left the heater on to warm the room up, you really could not tell when we came back so we pilled on the clothes and jumped in bed. Sujina was out like a light and Paul and I watched Star Wars Empire Striks Back on Indian TV.

Somewhere around 2-3 in the morning I woke up with a strange feeling in my stomach and then spend the next 5 hours in the bathroom, freezing and vomiting like crazy. There would be nothing left in my body by 8am! NOTHING!
I remember at one point getting up off the floor of the bathroom and noticing I could see my breath when I breathed, that's how cold it was.

Paul and Sujina slept like rocks! Which was good because what could you do, and you really didn't want to listen to me.

The next day Paul and Sujina woke up about 8:30am, they went to breakfast and then for a walk. I was not vomiting by then but sure did feel like I had run a marathon and my stomach muscles killed me.

Everytime they would come back to the room all I could do was roll over and smile. At one point Sujina looked at me like " why aren't you up yet?" Paul suggested that we go back to Kathmandu and see the doctor at the hotel. I thought it would be nice to get back to Kathmandu to have a warm shower and sit in a heated room. So we called our friends and the car was sent.

By 2pm we were back in KTM and I was asleep on the bed. I actually was feeling much better, not vomiting but not feeling good either.
When Paul called for the car he also call the Annapurna Hotel to see if there was a room for us, htey were expecting us to be gone two nights.  When we arrived back here everyone was asking how I was feeling from the front door man to the reception ladies, to the man who brings us team in the morning. It was very sweet.

I was actually sad to leave Dhulikhel, is was a beautiful and peaceful place. I really wanted to do some hiking and Paul was loving it. But what can you do. I think it was the peanuts!

Going to Dhulikhel

Paul and I decided to be adventrsome and get out of Kathmandu, we needed some new 
scenery  and wanted to get out of the grit and grim of the city. After a while it can take its toll on

We called our friends Hira and Shree and asked them to set us up a deal. They were great and on Friday mid morning we were off. We were all excited about getting out, up into the Mts for a few days. We were told to come on Monday at 3 for our Visa so we didn't have anything else pressing to do so why not leave?

We drove for about an hour, a good 35-40 minutes it took to get out of the sprawl of Kathmandu. Then we climbed up, going southeast. If we kept going on this road we would eventually be in Tibet! To bad we didn't have more days.

Once we got out of the city the road was amazingly good. We were impressed. Lonely Planet said the road was built by the Japanese. They would build a little and then the Maoist would blow it up, they would build a little more and the Maoist would blow it up. Much like two steps forward one step back.

The driver wasn't exactly sure where the Lodge was so we stopped and asked a few times. We finally arrived and were pleasantly surprised to find this quaint little lodge. It has about 25-30 rooms and they all were on the side of a cliff. The rooms all looked over a valley with the Himalayans just behind, it would have been a world class view if there was no fog.

We could see the tips of the Mts. but it wasn't the same as the photos we saw in the lobby. The resturant was on top of the lodge for the best views. Did I mention it was COLD!!!! There was not heat in the Lodge just small heaters for each room.

When we arrived it was mid day so we didn't realize how cold it was going to get, but later that night when the sun went down, boy was it cold.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Picking up Visa on Monday at 3pm!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAH!!!!!! We just heard from the Embassy and we get to go pick up the 
Visa on Monday at 3pm! We are so happy, so now we are going to the Thai air office
to see if we can change our flights for Tuesday. We will see what happens.

Will let you know.....


Waiting, waiting and more waiting. To leave the city or not?????

So here we sit in this hotel room waiting again for people to call and let us know our fate for 
next few days.  We have called the Embassy twice today and we still do not know if we have
the Visa or not.  We did go out to the Supermarket that Chip and Mary told us about. Friends 
dont let friends shop at Bluebird! It was a nice market, they had pretty much the same items 
that Bluebird had but it was a cleaner market. We thought they might have some different baby
food and some new formula, but it was the same. We are almost out of Similac so we bought some Nestly. I just didn't think about food very well for this trip, I was more concerned about the books. Silly me.

( I was in the middle of the Haas/Gonzales match and the TV decided to show snow instead of a picture! UGH.....)

After we finished at the market the taxi guy drove us to the Tibetan Carpet place. We wanted a
large carpet to go in the living room, but they were $800, so we decided to buy two smaller ones
that we can just put side by side, and when we move (if ever) we can use them in other places!

The ladies at the carpet place went crazy over Sujina. The were playing with her, holding her, changing her diaper, feeding her a bottle. She was a little cranky and they were doing
everything they knew to keep her happy. It was refreshing to me that when I came over to her
and held her she stopped crying and was content. ( small victory for mom!) I asked the ladies where they thought she might be from or who she looked like to them. They all said she looked
Tibetan. That is what Paul and I had thought as well, but what do we know.  The ladies were lovely and wanted to know all about Sujina. She is a very beautiful child regardless of where she is from, we are truly blessed.

Sujina and I are going to have to work on patience. She had none when it comes to being fed and getting her bottle, especially at night, but in the day too. I wonder if other adoptive parents have
had that problem and how they over came it. It can be like she had never been fed in her life and she is starving. I know she was fed well at the Children's Home, but she was on a strict schedule.  

I am feeling a little anxious today. I guess it is because I can feel this is coming to an end and I am a little concerned abut the flight home, and then of course being home. Three kids!  WOW!

It really seemed like a long wait and a short wait at the same time.

We need to hear from the Embassy to know what we are going to do, if we are going to leave the city or not. We really want to get out of this hotel and this city for a while,  but we dont want to get stuck anywhere.

We love you all and are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

They last few days!

Yesterday I called the Embassy and after I got our appointment we just relaxed and talked with
the other adoptive parents.  They are all dealing with the anxiety of being so close to finishing this 
lengthy process.  To beak it up I made an appointment with Childrens Home to come for a visit in 
the afternoon and drop off our supplies and gifts to the staff.  It was strange for all of us to go back 
to the Home.  We are grateful that they did such a nice job taking care of Sujina and the rest of the 
kids with limited resources.   We are also very happy to have Sujina with us and starting her life with our family.  We are sad as well because we won't be back very soon and we wish the Home
and all of the lives they touch all the best.  Sujina looked a little bewildered and had a strange look on her face.  It must have been bitter/sweet for her as well.

After our visit we met Mr. Tamata(the Home Director) at the new Childrens Home.  It is about a
month away from being finished.  It really looks nice and will be able to hold 100 kids.  It is 
in such a nice location just outside the city.  I am glad all of the new children and caregivers  
will be able to use such a nice facility.

On another note it has added another level of emotion for Steph and I to know that Rowe was in the hospital back home.  We got pictures of him in his bed with his oxygen and IV hooked up
and it really hurt me that I could not be there to confort him.  Thankfully he is better and I can now concentrate on finishing matters in Nepal.  Many thanks to our Team in Fayetteville that have given Rowe and Beck so much love while we are halfway around the world!!!

Embassy Interview

1/25/07 3pm(Nepal) or 1/24/07 3:15am(Fayetteville)

We just got done with our interview at the US Embassy.  
It seems that things went well, but they didn't give us a definite ok for our VISA.  They 
did say that it looks good so far.  As with this whole process we will Trust and keep 
moving forward.  The men that inerviewed us were very kind and treated us with respect.
They said they will look at our case one more time and call us in the morning to let us know 
how our case stands and when our visa would be ready.  So we are very close!

I thought that Steph and I would be very nervous but we both had a sense of peace about the 
interview.  We have heard many negative stories about the Embassy but we did not have anything out of the ordinary in our case and feel 
confident that Sujina is a legitamate orphan and that we are meant to be her parents.  

We will celebrate our small victory with our Nepali friends Sthree and Hira.  I know you all are 
celebrating back home as well.  Thank you for all of your support, prayers and well wishes.  It 
has made a difference!! Keep them coming though! 

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


New building for Children's Home


Newru is holding Sujina, she was in the baby room with Sujina


Paul, Sujina, Rajan and Steph


Is the wedding in my room???

We found out today that we have an appointment with the Embassy tomorrow at 2pm. We are 
excited and anxious at the same time.

After we found this out we decided to go to the Childrens Home to see the staff and give them the gifts we had brought, the books, clothes and to say goodbye.
I didn't think it was going to be as emotional as it was. It felt as if we had come full circle. I was a bit worried about what the didi's would think of how we had been treating the girls, I was also a little worried about how Sujina would feel. Would she want to stay with them, would she be upset and sad?

When we arrived and got out Sujina looked around and stayed close to us. She was with Paul and he said that she pushed into him, like she didnt want him to put her down.  We went into the home and talked with Kusum, we gave her the books
and she was really happy to get them. I might have to buy some book shelves for the new home.
We also gave her the clothes we brought. She could not believe that we had brought all of these items. I was happy that she was so thrilled with the books.

We then gave out the gifts for the didi's. They were all very grateful, especially this one woman who is the cook. She was an older woman and you could tell that she would never spend money on lotion, soaps etc... for herself.

We got to see Rajan and give him the Razorback shirt, he didn't seem too impressed, but was happy to see us. He looked great and was using his crutches. He said that he was very happy to recieve the letters from all of the parents and friends. It was great to see him up and around.

We took some more photos with everyone and then we had to leave. They were going to take us back out to see the process on the new Children's Home. It looks wonderful and is painted so fun, with fish and stars and moons on the ceilings of different rooms. They have done so much work in the five months that we have been gone.

The workers had their children there so of course we took their photos. Paul showed them the picture in the camera, they loved it.
These people work so hard it is amazing.

My only concern about the home is how they are going to heat it in the Winter?

We came home and had dinner at the hotel using our free dinner we were given for being their models.

There was a wedding out in the court yard last night with very loud Indian music, they are having a second one tonight and we are told they will have 
another one tomorrow night as well.

While we were having dinner our friend Shree called. They brought the phone to our table, I have never had that happen before. We will get to see them tomorrow.

Sujina and Paul are sleeping and the wedding sounds like it is in our room!!! At least it is fun music.

I watched Kim Clijsters beat Martina Hingis so I am happy. I was Kim to win it all.

Rowe came home this am, and seems to be doing great. Thanks for all of your prayers, now if we can get home quickly as well I can start praying  for other people.

fireworks, Indian music and saying goodbye


Tuesday, January 23, 2007






Free day...lazy day... but still some stress.....

So the day was all about being lazy and stress free.  It would have been that way had we not learned
that Rowe was in the hosptial. We do hear that he is doing better, so I am hoping the next update 
we get he will be back home. 
Can I tell you how hard that is to have a child in the hospital and not be able to get to him!

After much napping in the am by husband and child, we went and walked around a new part of 
Kathmandu. We went up around all the Embassys. Found a store called Bluebird, they have a lot
of American items, so we bought some baby food. Sujina is working her way through the Similac
so we are feeding her table food, mashed bananas, mashed potatos and the like. She doens't seem 
to mind the spicy foods either. 

Saw some guys making Chapitis in a local eatery, so we stopped took some photos and bought a 
for 4 Rupees. There is 68 Rupees to the dollar!

We then found ourselves back in Thamel, so we had lunch and came home. We had this amazing 
salad, it was called Peanut Masala. WOW was it tasty. Paul and I want to try and make it at 
So here are some of the sights of today.

We love you Rowe, get well soon.